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Cheryl Tydeman

Cheryl Tydeman, the managing member of Tax-Mate CC, has been involved in accounting since 1975. She worked mainly in auditing whilst studying for her SA Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators qualification.

During the years of training that followed, her passion for both accountancy and the principles of law (particularly tax legislation) was sparked and grew rapidly. She is dedicated to researching, interpreting and applying tax legislation, the Companies and Close Corporations Act as well as the many principles and policies involved in general accountancy.


After having qualified for a few years, Cheryl opened C Tydeman & Associates in 1985. This firm acted as Accounting Officer to Close Corporations and handled a wide variety of corporate and individual tax matters. She was then inundated with queries from irate and confused members of the public regarding their tax issues and in response to these, Tax-Mate CC was incorporated in 1988.

Tax-Mate CC offers an all-inclusive tax service to clients to resolve their tax problems, including the rendition of returns, the calculation of tax computations and where necessary, the raising of objections and subsequent interaction with SARS on their behalf. Tax-Mate CC's success rate in this area continues to be high.

Cheryl now lives in Knysna
  Cheryl is a member of the Institute's Professional Practice Group, which demands continued professional development as an important prerequisite of membership. In 1995, Cheryl was elected to the status of Fellow by the SA Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators and the Chartered Institute of Business Management. She's visited the headquarters of the Institute in London and their divisions in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Tax Services anywhere in South Africa

While Cheryl is currently based in Knysna, she provides her tax services to people all over South Africa. All business is conducted telephonically or over email, which means you don't need to waste time in endless meetings. Simply contact Cheryl, tell her what you need and she will look after the rest.

Cheryl Tydeman
Phone: 044 382 2432
Cell: 084 310 9739
Email: cheryl@tax-mate.co.za

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Client Testimonials

"The assistance received during the many registration processes when we first started out was invaluable and Cheryl has continued to handle all the financial systems as implemented back then, as well as the tax requirements for the business - right through to the tax returns for management.

We thank her for being there for us and also for her infinite patience when dealing with engineers, who are often confused by the financial and tax requirements when operating a business."

Derrick Opperman, BDR Hydraulics and Pneumatics

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